Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

God is great and He is greatly to be praised. Oh give thanks unto the Lord for His mercies endure forever. As we embark on a new year, we want to thank and magnify God who kept us in 2016. Through many dangers, toils and snares but, the Lord kept us! He is faithful and just. Grace, mercy and His Loving Power prevailed and kept us all year long. We want to take a moment and appreciate the lessons learned, the growth we attained and the accomplishments we made. 

Each new year we embark on we reflect on the previous year to address changes we would like to allow God to teach us; which will cause us to walk closer with Him as we fulfill the God ordained assignment on our lives. Far too many believers focus on changes/resolutions that are mostly physical changes. We want to get fit, lose weight, eat right, etc… some of us hold true to these wishes and change some unhealthy habits. On the other hand there are some who start off strong with the best of intentions but, somewhere along the way lose focus and “fall off the bandwagon.” This same patterns can be seen in the church. We give our lives to Christ and are on fire for God. Circumstances arise and we allow ourselves to become distracted and the fire begins to dwindle. This is where we can’t lose hope. I want to remind you God is a loving redemptive, promise fulfilling God. Even when we “fall off,” He is faithful and just to forgive us. God’s word is full of promises to help us get back on track and stay the course. Romans 8:31 reminds us that if God be for us who can stand against us. 1 John 4:4 encourages us to remember that Greater is He who is within me than He that is in the world. That means I am already victorious. Your goal is not to keep pace with others. You must simply stay focused on God and stay the course. God will never leave you nor will He forsake you. You shall fulfill your God ordained destiny. Children of God it is important to set goals and allow God to teach you how to accomplish your goals while fulfilling your Kingdom assignment. For I know the thoughts I have for you, declares the Lord thoughts of good and not of evil. Jeremiah 29:11. Press on towards the mark for prize of the high calling in Christ Jesus. Because His loving kindness is better than life my lips shall praise thee. Continue Building For Eternity!

Happy New Year

G.M. Thompson

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