From Sunday Message November 1 2015


Rev. 1:18 and John 3:8



Construct means…to build something made of many parts, build


     Man/woman is made in the image and likeness of God.  Apostle Paul says in Romans 12 how each one of us has one body with many parts; and these parts all have different functions.  Our natural bodies have a heart, kidneys, liver, arteries, etc.  All have different functions, but each one needs one another.  They all work together to help us be whole and function in society as God ordained us to.

     Man is a spirit being and is tripod with a spirit, a soul and a body.   They all also have a different function.  The body is the outward part; the soul has to do with the mind, will, emotions; and the human spirit is what is recreated and has been created in the image and likeness of God.  

        Maybe one day, I will talk more about our tripod bodies. But today it is about our victory.  You see the body and soul has to come in alignment with the spirit.  This is for those who have been born again of the water and the spirit.  They have spoken in tongues as the spirit of God gave them the utterance.  God is a spirit and the same spirit that raised Him from the grave now resides in born again believers.  He has all power in heaven and earth!  So, even when we are going through our test and trials, they are taking us to a victory that is already ours. They are making us.  Jesus was talked about, misunderstood, and even called a devil. More  impotantly, He took a terrible beating for all mankind and He said forgive them for they know not what they do.  He bore all our sickness, all our diseases, all our pain and all our troubles on the cross.

      So, my dear brother and sister your victory has already been accomplished for you!  You are stronger and greater than you could ever imagine.  You are going through a test right now but you are being mounted up!  There is a greater miracle on the other side of your trouble.  Tell yourself Christ has already won my battle for me.  My attitude is such that before I go into battle, I know I have won!  I am VICTORIOUS because greater is He that is in me!  Jesus has crushed/destroyed the headship of Satan.  My dear brother and sister don’t quit now – press your way – cry out to God – say Help!  Help!  He will say come on help is here (right now) because you were constructed/built for VICTORY! 

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