October Inspiration

It is October and we only have two more months in this year. What are you thinking about right now? What have you accomplished thus far? Do you truly believe that things will be better for you? Do you believe that in the next two months you will receive a miracle, a breakthrough in your situation? Have you truly casted all your cares on God?
My dear sister and brother, you are on the heart of God right now! He has destined you to do great and mighty exploits! He is your prayer answering God and He is your strong tower now! You can run to Him and find safety!
I hope you have noticed that I used the word “now”! I used it because, your time is now! It is your “now” time to be healed; your “now” time to receive your miracle; your “now” time for a new mind-set; your “now” time that money cometh to you; your “now” time to know that you have been fearfully and wonderfully made by God; and “now” He is ready to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that you ask or think, according to the power that worketh in you! What kind of power is at work in you “now”?

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